Best Honeymoon Destinations For Newlywed Muslim Couple

Posted on 2018-03-15     

Thinking of lounging once in your lifetime honeymoon trip is really a good idea to make it surprisingly romantic trip. After wedding the newlywed Muslim couple didn't get enough time to share dreams and desires for a perfect honeymoon destination, the choice might be an exotic or own country for enjoying such romantic and pleasing moments by planning an unforgettable trip for first time togetherness. Instead of wandering here and there browsing online for the best locations to prepare a long trip for enjoying first-time honeymoon special. Reserve your booking in advance for Muslim friendly honeymoon destinations you never heard about. Sometimes you don’t get enough time to find a special one romantic and charming destination to spend some time away from family. Of, course when it comes to Muslims don’t generally go on date for spending some time with their future life partner. You don’t easily know someone without travel or verbally communicate with. It is really true during honeymoon journey, chances you know more about each other. 

Eastern Cape, South Africa 

Eastern Cape is a Muslim friendly destination comprised wildlife, safari drives, early morning sunlight and sunsets what an awesome feel. This is the perfect place for your honeymoon; enjoy natural sights, wildlife and fresh air at a luxury safari lodge. This is a well-known destination to stay for adventure and wildlife scenes while wandering here and there. Definitely, you will not feel disappointed during honeymoon journey here. 


Malaysia is the Muslim modern country for a newlywed couple. Feeling cool and relax by visiting white sandy beaches, lush forests and luxury nearest resorts to make your honeymoon special. It is more important to find an easy and comfortable stay doesn’t mean this is a resort, lodge, beaches and hotel. In the past few years, Muslim couples have visited and recommended such a happiest and friendliest destination so far. To be a Muslim country there are more beautiful Mosques what’s really good for Muslims. 


Turkey is another perfect gateway for newlywed Muslim couples to enjoy honeymoon special in the city of Istanbul swank. It is one of the most romantic magnificent destinations of the Muslim world today. Of, course reserve your stay at the right time for enjoying stunning views and Istanbul’s landmark pledge to surprise and cherish aspiration to connect with Islamic beliefs Ottoman history. Don’t forget to carry camera otherwise you will miss the chance to capture most delightful memories. 

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