Amazing Customs and Traditions You Will See in Every Muslim Wedding

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Muslim wedding is a grand-some affair most commonly performed in the holy mosque. Muslim marriage keeps religious background, historical beliefs that are adhered in the today’s marriage too. Absolutely matrimony customs and rituals are unforgettable really cherish the mood of a couple. All amazing customs and traditions are really more exciting and fun loving everyone loves to enjoy. Muslim marriage is also known as ‘Nikah’ brings two different bodies into one soul. Muslim marriages are most commonly simpler and traditional with so many old age religious and cultural beliefs. Muslim marriage is a contract based relationship binds matchmaking couple in a marriage alliance. Let’s look forward for seeking more custom celebrations you will find in every Muslim nikah.


Fatiha is a blessing for a mutual couple including holy verses of religious scripture ‘Quran’ in the presence of elder family members. This only purpose to give an opportunity to the couple to interact or discuss their relationship. Are they ready to tie a nuptial knot with each other or not? Tea, coffee and cold drinks are served to the guests who have participated in this ceremony. 

Nikah or Katb El-Kitab

Without Nikah or Katb El-Kitab wedding ceremony is considered incomplete. A marriage ceremony is given utmost spiritual importance. During this event Muslim bride and groom sit in the presence of an officiant (Qazi) who conducts this ceremony by singing holy verses of great scripture holy Quran. Reading Quran is considered a vital need to recite for bride and groom. A Dua (holy prayer) is recited between two families where they are asked to give their consent for marriage alliance. 
During Nikah or Katb El-Kitab Muslim bride and groom sign marriage contract and now they are legally husband and wife. 


Meher is a promised amount given to a Muslim bride as a free gift. Meher is a typically a form of dowry that is officially announced among the assembled guests. It is committed to give a better half by the groom and his family. 


Rukhsat is an important integral part of Muslim matrimony. It is an emotional departure of the pretty bride when she leaves her parent’s home for her best man to begin marital life. 


Walima is the second post-wedding traditional grandeur feast served to the guests. In this function, only close relatives, neighbors and friends are invited to participate in such a special Walima reception. 

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